Happy anniversary

I know that the most of you has not known Léopoldine-le-blog for very long, BUT, today we are celebrating the 4th anniversary of the blog!!! The blog started on August, 23rd in… 2011!!! At first, it was just Léopoldine, sometimes with Tristan, (that changed appearence 4 times ,by the way, since I has drawn him first) in the last months of 2012, Chose and Chou began to be recurrent characters… well here for the little story !!!!

You can see below, the chronology !!!!

Post-4ans-1 post-glacebis-enAnd i hope you will follow us many years in the futur!!!



La fraiseraie

Let me introduce you to a famous ice cream brand: “La fraiseraie” !!
Bests in the galaxy (i can assure you), so if you visit Nantes (yes it’s a family business, so local, just in few cities around Pornic and Nantes, near to the atlantic coast).
I will clearly enjoy mine !


Chose is missing

Hi everybody! Let me introduce you to “Chose is missing”. I made this comic strip  for a special occasion: I’m teaching comic class to 13 years old students and I asked them to do a comic strip with 8 panels. So i did it my self to show them what is possible to do with just 8 panels.


I hope you enjoyed it and if you’re in Paris, come to our exhibition on June, 19th (7pm) to see their work (and mine also)

Expo1906 ENSee you soon (I hope)

Hey there! Not dead yet

Hello there! For those who were wondering, no, i’m not dead, i’m still here!
I just vanished, but… i thought it would be good to pass by, to say hi!
So… Hello there!!! Hahaha…

Busy with a lot of things, projects and other stuff.
Today, lets talk about Jay and Mia, let’s say Léopoldine & co are in a vacation. Sure they’ll return soon.

These two illustrations below, with central park’s background, where made for a youth edition project. I’m still on the research stage, but i wanted to put my character in situation to see what it looked like!


So, any opinion ??
Feel free to comment, and see you soon :)