Chose is missing

Hi everybody! Let me introduce you to “Chose is missing”. I made this comic strip  for a special occasion: I’m teaching comic class to 13 years old students and I asked them to do a comic strip with 8 panels. So i did it my self to show them what is possible to do with just 8 panels.


I hope you enjoyed it and if you’re in Paris, come to our exhibition on June, 19th (7pm) to see their work (and mine also)

Expo1906 ENSee you soon (I hope)

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Hey there! Not dead yet

Hello there! For those who were wondering, no, i’m not dead, i’m still here!
I just vanished, but… i thought it would be good to pass by, to say hi!
So… Hello there!!! Hahaha…

Busy with a lot of things, projects and other stuff.
Today, lets talk about Jay and Mia, let’s say Léopoldine & co are in a vacation. Sure they’ll return soon.

These two illustrations below, with central park’s background, where made for a youth edition project. I’m still on the research stage, but i wanted to put my character in situation to see what it looked like!


So, any opinion ??
Feel free to comment, and see you soon :)

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Paris Fashion Week

choseFWHey guys! What’s up ?!
You might be aware, this week, is the Paris’s fashion week! So Chose and I, tought that we could show you our own selection of creative outfits.
I picked from AVOC (really nice brand, you should look into it) and from Paulette Mag (french magazine) the theme of this month “Blue Ocean” inspired me a lot.

Hope you’ll enjoy it,
See Ya


fashionWeek-1 fashionWeek-2fashionWeek-3

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Draw me a sheep

post-mouton-enYeaaaaah, first real challenge, first english article, at last!
Ok maybe you’re note rally familliar with the “draw me a sheep” concept… It’s from “Le petit Prince” [St Antoine de St Exupery]. But now you are…

So let’s hope you enjoyed it ?

See you soon!!!

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Don’t pull the cat’s tail…

patins-post-817x1024Hey Guys! This is our first article in english, oh hell yes!!!
We are now available for everyone (who speaks english, yeah sorry) !!!!
Very soon we’ll have dedicate articles in english (just for you fellows, how about that ???)
So… stay around!

Oh and by the way, all Léopoldine’s staff will be in New York city next March (OMG!!)
So if you want to meet us, contact us asap!!

See Ya!


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