Léopoldine (Léop for mates)
Favorite color: Red.
Likes: Léopoldine.
Does not likes: pigeons, chocolate.
Hobbies: Dance, tchat about her, grumble, make jokes.
Chose (alias Chosou
the crazy cat)
Weight: feather
Likes: hidding.
Does not like: people in general.
Hobbies: to tchat, to eat, to sleep and to bullshit.
Favorite color: Black.
Likes: nothing, really.
Does not like: everything else.
Hobbies: sarcasms, grumble.
Chou (alias, the author, well.. me)
Favorite color: Red.
Likes: her belowed cat.
Does not like:  clowns (brr).
Hobbies: To draw, eat and make bad jokes that are not always so funny.